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Towing Service and Cost in Pahrump
Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump

Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump offer fast and affordable towing services in Pahrump. Also offers emergency roadside services include breakdown recovery & towing solutions. Pahrump‘s most reliable company for Towing, 24 Hour Towing, Parking Enforcement, Lockouts, Jump starts, and Roadside Assistance and Service.


Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump is committed to being your preferred towing company in Pahrump Nevada and the surrounding areas. With the use of highly trained professionals, innovative equipment, and logistical technology; our mission is to make your inconvenient situation better by consistently fulfilling our brand promise to redefine the towing experience.

We stand for competence and commitment. Building long-term customer relationships founded on high quality performance is the cornerstone of our business. Our substantial base of customers demonstrates the importance that we place on building lasting relationships. Why should you settle for anything less? In everything we do, you’ll see how we’ve earned a reputation for integrity.

All services offered by Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump are performed by professionals; whether it’s dispatchers, drivers or other personnel; you can depend on Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump Our new priority service for those involved in very serious situations is rapidly becoming one of the most popular services that we provide.  Below, you will see a list of services that Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump professionals perform every day.

Due to our commitment to customer service, Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump will not provide tow-away or repossession services.


  • Tire Change: Our service technicians can perform tire change on any vehicle.
  • Jump Start: Our service technicians use non-reverse polarity charging units allowing all jump starts to be damage-free and our technicians are more than happy to educate you on how to maintain your battery.
  • Battery Replacement: If your battery is in need of replacement, our service technicians carry replacement batteries for most automobiles on their vehicles and our prices are lower than most in the industry.
  • Fuel Delivery: All of our technicians are trained on how to properly refuel any automobile preventing the risk of a fire.
  • Lockout: All drivers / service technicians are thoroughly trained on lock-out procedures for all automobiles.


  • Accident Scene ManagementFrom taking pictures of the scene to securing your vehicle, our people are real pros. We have found that many times the wrong party is ticketed. Good scene management can help you and your insurance company set the record straight.
  • Winch-out: Whether you are stuck in your driveway or your automobile is 300 feet down a cliff, Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump has the most professionally trained staff to recover your vehicle in a damage-free manner.
  • Light Duty: This service will cover most light duty vehicles weighing 5500 pounds or less.
  • Medium Duty: This service covers any vehicle weighing 5500 to 7500 pounds.
  • Heavy Duty: This service covers heavy duty vehicles weighing 7501 to 10,000 pounds.
  • Super Heavy Duty: This service covers any vehicle over 10,001 pounds.  This may include loaded vehicles.  This includes RV’s, large delivery vehicles, and 18 wheelers.
  • Trailers: Trailers can be towed at an additional charge.
  • MotorcyclesFrom a quad to a Harley, our personnel understand how to take special care of your toys.
  • Storage Facility: Our facility is not only under video surveillance, but it is manned 24 hours a day for the safety of our customers property. Every automobile with broken glass is plastic wrapped to protect the interior.  What is in your automobile when it arrives to our storage facility “stays there”.
  • Priority Service: This service is for our customers in emergency situations. Whether you have been in an accident, have a doctor’s appointment or an important business meeting, we guarantee twenty minute service for an additional fee. Click to view service areas and order service.
  • Customer Transport: Please inform the dispatch team if you have more than one passenger, children with safety seats or any special needs.  We want to ensure that we are sending the proper vehicle to assist you.
  • Hazardous Waste Control: Our drivers are trained to control any hazardous waste on the scene of your accident so you carry no future liability.
  • Catastrophe Team: Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump is very proud to announce the development of our Catastrophe Team, as our company grows the number of members will expand. This team will include mobile residences, food/water supply, generators/communications and all the necessary equipment to make this team fully self-sustaining. After Hurricane Katrina and Sandy we became very aware that a team like this was completely necessary to not only assist emergency services, but the people in these communities. This service is offered to roadside clubs, insurance companies, cities, counties, states and federal agencies.

All services performed are done by true professionals.  We understand when your vehicle is broken down, you need real help.  At Towing Roadside Assistance Pahrump, that is why we will always be “There When You Need Us” 24/7/365.

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